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In January 2020, Rockpore ™ began its operations as a provider of unique additives used in the manufacturing of circular lightweight aggregates (CLWA) derived from industrial waste material sources, as well as by-products from the mining and geothermal industries.

The company's primary location is in Tønsberg, Norway, while it's production company, Rockpore ehf, is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Rockpore is part of OTC-Eggemoen. 

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About Us: About

Our Team

We have established a cross-functional team to support our company and to increase our innovation ability.

Our team at Rockpore is made up of talented professionals with backgrounds in industrial and institutional research, twin transition between green technology development and digitalisation, strategy, corporate sustainability, finance, international law, entrepreneurship and technology.

Finn Erik Solvang

CEO and Founder

Finn acts as CEO of Rockpore AS and he is responsible for business model innovation, technology innovation, innovation strategy, product development, IPR management and exploitation.
Finn is founder of Rockpore AS and co-founder of Rockpore ehf.

Sunna Ólafsdóttir Wallevik

Inorganic Chemistry

Sunna is an inorganic chemist with wealth of experience in public funding aquisition and business development.
Sunna is co-founder of Rockpore ehf and acting CEO.

Prof. Sigrún Nanna Karlsdóttir

Material Science

Sigrún is a professor in materials science at the University of Iceland and acts as an advisor on all matters related to the performance of materials in difficult environments.
Sigrún is co-founder of Rockpore ehf.

Dr. Kristján Friðrik Alexandersson

R&d Specialist

Kristján is a R&D specialist in high performance materials and composites. Kristján works on product development and quality control.
Kristján is co-founder of Rockpore ehf.

About Us: Meet the Team
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