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Circular Design and low Carbon Footprint

Areas of Potential Use

Solutions: Features

ZeroC* Precast Concrete

A mix design for a 100% circular ZeroC precast concrete is under development, utilizing our low carbon aggregates and a binder developed by our partner Gerosion in the AlSiment, “umhverfisvænn arftaki sements” project, along with a novel carbon sequestration technology.

These circular precast units will have the lowest carbon footprint of any concrete on the market today.

* a reference to carbon neutrality

Rockpore CLWA

Circular Lightweight Aggregates (CLWA) with high strength-to-density ratio

CLWA for structural concrete

  • Aggregate product according to ENS 13055

  • Particle size ranging from 0.5 to 18mm

  • Compressive strength > 35MPa

  • Made from industrial by-products, and recycled concrete or waste materials from the aggregate, Incinerator or mining industry

  • Natural or artificial aggregate replacement

  • Low carbon or carbon negative

  • Offers circularity, as it can be re-processed into same product at the end of its life.


CLWA for artificial turf *

  • Inorganic filler material

  • Particle size ranging from 0.8-2.4mm

  • Bulk density of 900kg/m3 +/-10%

  • High crushing resistance and superior wear resistance

  • Low skin friction

  • Low water absorption

  • Non-toxic and harmless to animals and nature

  • Contains no microplastics

  • Offers circularity, as it can be re-processed into a similar product at the end of its life

* yet to be tested for performance and wear

Solutions: Services

Research Projects

Icelandic Climate Fund

Production of circular, carbon negative construction materials by recycling glass and building waste.

Fyrirtækjastyrkur - Sproti


Thermally Bonded Granules: A circular replacement for rubber crumb as a filler for artificial turf pitches

Innovation Project (pending)

The Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Development of a fully circular pontoon design by substituting EPS with a foamed carbon sequestrated geopolymer-concrete

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