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Rockpore CLWA

Circular Lightweight Aggregates (CLWA) with high strength-to-density ratio

CLWA for circular concrete

  • Aggregate product according to ENS 13055

  • High strength-to-density ratio

  • Made from recycled concrete, glass and waste materials from the mining industry

  • Natural and manufactured aggregate replacement

  • Low carbon and zero waste production process

  • Born circular, as it can be re-processed into same product at the end of its life.

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Research Projects


Horizon Europe 2024-2028

Development of CIRCular optimised material solutions for WIND turbine blades and support structures.

Icelandic Climate Fund

Production of circular, carbon negative construction materials by recycling glass and building waste.

Fyrirtækjastyrkur - Sproti


Thermally Bonded Granules: A circular replacement for rubber crumb as a filler for artificial turf pitches

Innovation Project for the Industrial Sector 2023

The Research Council of Norway (RCN)

Development of a fully circular pontoon design by substituting EPS with a foamed carbon sequestrated geopolymer-concrete

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Circular Design and low Carbon Footprint

Areas of Potential Use


ZeroC* Precast Concrete

A mix design for a 100% circular ZeroC precast concrete is under development, utilizing our low carbon aggregates and a binder developed by our partner Gerosion in the AlSiment, “umhverfisvænn arftaki sements” project.

These circular precast units will have the lowest carbon footprint of any concrete on the market today.

* a reference to carbon neutrality


CLWA for Marine Applications

A circular aggregate, designed to replace coarse and fine natural aggregates in structural geopolymer concrete for marine applications.

Patent pending


CLWA for Structural Concrete

A low carbon and circular aggregate, designed to produce high-strength circular concrete while reducing CO2 footprints, is scheduled for release in both the EU and US markets by 2024.

Patent Pending

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